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January 18, 2019

Authorities in Mexico discover 166 bodies at a mass grave site


Authorities in Mexico have confirmed that at least 166 bodies have been discovered at a mass grave site in Veracruz state.

In announcement made late on Thursday, authorities confirmed that forensic specialists are conducting tests at the scene.

The discovery of the bodies which is considered to be one of the worst ever to be seen, comes after authorities launched a search at the site on August 8th.

Although the exact location of the site has not been disclosed to the public due to safety reasons, it is believed it is in area were brutal cartel wars have taken place in recent years.

Investigating officers also confirmed that over 200 articles of clothing, 144 ID cards and other personal belongings have been recovered from the scene.

It is reported that the discovery was made after an informer told the state prosecutions office where the bodies were buried.

Following an extensive follow up investigation, the state prosecutions office decided to conduct a full scale search of the site.

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