March 26, 2017

BRILLIANT! Social media just loved the documentary “Older than Ireland”


For the past day, social media users have been praising the legends who appeared on the RTE show “Older than Ireland”.

The programme showcased people who were aged 100 or over, right up to a lady who left Ireland aged 19 with just $25 and went over to become a multimillionairess in America now aged at an amazing 113!

The men and women gave their thoughts on life, their ups and downs, their insights, their aspirations and their beliefs in an afterlife.

The funniest moment was when one lady from Galway told of a story of how a priest told a traffic garda to ” F#*k off” when he stopped him, and she couldn’t believe it-but that the priest must be well used to using that sort of language.

Although sad at times, the programme was hilarious in full and truly inspirational clearing showing that age is just a number, and you’re only as old as how you feel.

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