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February 23, 2018

Crisis in Venezuela

July 7, 2014 Fernando Sanchez 0

We complain about the price of a pint. Meanwhile, over in Venezuela, folk are forced to drink yellowish milk imported from Chile, and that’s if they can find some in the first place. Over here,

Ebola -Threshold to Armageddon

July 7, 2014 Fernando Sanchez 0

Pirate broadcast, somewhere in Conakry, Guinea. Unconfirmed. The city is dead. Stay away. We don’t know how much longer we’ll stay on the air (coughing sounds). We are all sick. I repeat: The city is

No Sympathy For The Entrepreneur

July 6, 2014 James Brennan 3

Every time you have turned on the radio over the past 5 years, you hear the ravings of infuriated trade union representatives who bark on about how their members are being downtrodden and deserve more,

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