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December 13, 2017

Pope takes kids on The Popemobile!

April 16, 2014 Daniel Crown 0

Eat your heart out Batman, Pope Francis took two very excited kids on his Popemobile and went for a drive around St. Peters Square. The popular Pontiff jumped off his open-top vehicle and started chatting

News update: 10th April

April 10, 2014 Katie Coyle 0

Higgins visit: Day two has passed of what has been cited as a historic visit for Michael D higgins to England. This evening he thanked Britain for their support through out the crisis at a

News update: 20th March

March 20, 2014 Katie Coyle 0

Ambulance malfunction: Investigations are underway into faulty electrics that left a sick child and paramedics locked in an ambulance for forty minutes when they were on their way to hospital.   St.Patricks day attack: After a

News Update: 13th March

March 13, 2014 Katie Coyle 0

Harlem Gas explosion: At least two have died and many more have been injured following a gas leak and subsequent explosion in an apartment complex in Harlem, New York.    Penalty point scandal: An investigation

News update: 7th March

March 6, 2014 Katie Coyle 0

Gun attack: A man in his forties was dumped from a car with severe gunshot wounds in the Finglas area yesterday evening. He was shot in the leg repeatedly however he survived the attack.   Fatal

News update: Thursday 27th february

February 27, 2014 Katie Coyle 0

Alan shatter in the Dail: While the Taoiseach has defended Alan shatter over the recent Gardai mishandling controversy. Mick Wallace on the other hand publicly criticized the minister and called for his resignation. Shatter nonetheless

Trending on the web: 20th February

February 20, 2014 Katie Coyle 0

# Selfies: The Selfie game has truly gone too far, pouting like a duck in the mirror may not have been condescending enough as new selfie trends have emerged that involve taking selfies at funerals and also taking

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