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January 20, 2018

Pope takes kids on The Popemobile!

April 16, 2014 Daniel Crown 0

Eat your heart out Batman, Pope Francis took two very excited kids on his Popemobile and went for a drive around St. Peters Square. The popular Pontiff jumped off his open-top vehicle and started chatting

News update: 10th April

April 10, 2014 Katie Coyle 0

Higgins visit: Day two has passed of what has been cited as a historic visit for Michael D higgins to England. This evening he thanked Britain for their support through out the crisis at a

News update: 20th March

March 20, 2014 Katie Coyle 0

Ambulance malfunction: Investigations are underway into faulty electrics that left a sick child and paramedics locked in an ambulance for forty minutes when they were on their way to hospital.   St.Patricks day attack: After a

News Update: 13th March

March 13, 2014 Katie Coyle 0

Harlem Gas explosion: At least two have died and many more have been injured following a gas leak and subsequent explosion in an apartment complex in Harlem, New York.    Penalty point scandal: An investigation

News update: 7th March

March 6, 2014 Katie Coyle 0

Gun attack: A man in his forties was dumped from a car with severe gunshot wounds in the Finglas area yesterday evening. He was shot in the leg repeatedly however he survived the attack.   Fatal

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