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January 17, 2019

Disgraceful: Revelations that council workers covered up Muslim rape gang activity

Image source: Express

As more revelations about the scale of Muslim rape gang activity and the mass targeting of English children emerge everyday a report on the abuse in Rotherham, where over 1,400 girls were reaped and sexually enslaved, has rocked the UK’s labour party.

The report written by former Victims’ Commissioner, Louise Casey, has revealed that the Labour party dominated Rotherham council not only was aware of the systemic targeting of English children, some as young as nine, for rape, torture and sex trafficking but actively worked to cover it up.

The report was first pub 2015 and prompted the resignation of the entire Labour Cabinet of Rotherham Council and brought National Crime Agency to Rotherham to deal with situation which led to some of the most horrific and harrowing revelations in recent British history.

Thousands of white, non-Muslim English girls as young as nine were gang-raped, forced to become drugs addicts, tortured and sex trafficked.

Social Services, police and the local council were all completely aware of what was happening for at least a decade but refused to put a stop it and in several cases actively worked to cover up the ongoing atrocities.

This was done for fear of appearing to be politically correct if they tried to protect English children from Muslim sex predators who viewed white non-Muslim girls as sub-human.

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