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Disgusting: Two teenagers arrested following five acid attacks in a 90 minute period on Thursday night 

Police in the UK have confirmed two people have been arrested following a string of acid attacks across London on Thursday night.

The horrendous amd sickening attacks which has left five victims with serious injuries all occurred in a 90 minute windoe when the two teenagers aged 16 and 15 traveled across the city on mopeds to carry out the attacks.

According to the Metropolitan Police one of the victims of the attacks suffered ‘life changing’ injuries as a result an attack on their face.

They also say all five victims are currently recovering in hospital, meanwhile the two teenagers are currently being held at a North London and Scotland Yard police stations were they are currently being questioned.

It is understood that the attacks started at around 10:25pm on Thursday night when the two attackers threw acid at a 32 year old man who was also traveling on a moped near the Hackney Road Junction, police say the victim was doused in the toxic substance and was knocked off his bike which was subsequently stolen.

The events of the night continued a short time later at approximately 10:50pm when the attackers doused another 44 year old man at Highbury Corner in Islington, the man was later transferred to hospital where his current condition unknown.

Meanwhile at 11:05pm a third victim a 24 year old man whose bike was also stolen was attacked when he got acid thrown in his face. A short time later at 11:20pm a fourth man was attacked on Cazenove Road when he also got a corrosive substance thrown in his face.

Police say the last attack came when the attackers approached a 33 year old man who was also riding a moped on Chatsworth Road at 11:37pm when they threw acid in his face although the victim managed to flee the scene and make his way home before he later went to hospital.

It is not yet known what the reason is behind the attacks but police are advising those who ride motorcycles around the city to be extra vigilant.


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