March 26, 2017

Fianna Fáil say they will abstain from Sinn Fein’s no confidence in Government motion

The Fianna Fáil party have confirmed this morning that they will abstain on a motion of no confidence in the Government.

The news comes after Sinn Fein recently submitted the motion, which will be decided later this week. The controversial motion comes in the wake of the well publicised Garda whistleblower debacle.

However Fianna Fáil say they will not rule on the motion, but instead will seek further clarification from the Taoiseach on the handling of the fiasco.

A party spokesperson revealed that party has no intention on ruling on the Fine Gael led government and said Sinn Fein’s motion is not what the country needs, saying: “The motion of confidence that Sinn Fein is putting down is entirely opportunitistic at this point.”

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