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December 13, 2018

Fighting talk: Hungarian lawmaker compares George Soros to Satan

The Prime Minister of Hungary Victor Orban has taken a hard-line stance against the EU’s demands the he open his country’s borders to the flood of migrants streaming into Europe.

He has repeatedly singled out one man as being a major player in what his government sees as a plot to destroy the ethno-religious character of Europe.

Multi-Billionaire investor George Soros has been a major lobbyist for open borders and funds several NGO’s dedicated to lessening restrictions on mass migration into the continent.

Soros is also known for heavily funding pro abortion groups in Ireland.

However, in an escalation of rhetoric a Hungarian lawmaker Andras Aradszki compared Soros to Satan himself and called on all European Christians to work to subvert his “plot”.

Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia have outright completely rejected EU demands on refugee quotas and have insisted they will not accept large numbers of Muslim migrants.

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