March 26, 2017

Happy Ending for Wolverine as Jackman’s Logan breaks Box office record

In what is said to be his final appearance as Wolverine, Hugh Jackman and 20th Century FOX had a roaring success this weekend as the highly anticipated Logan movie smashed box office records.

The movie which see’s Jackman once again become the clawed mutant, has had a huge success worldwide as it became the highest grossing R rated film ever in its opening weekend.

The movie which has been dubbed a masterclass by critics, staggeringly made $237.8 million at the global box office in its opening weekend.

The movie which see’s Wolverine caring for an ailing Professor X, whilst trying to protect mutant life, earned a sizeable $85.3 million in the US, whilst grossing a $152.4 in foreign markets making it the biggest opening for a blockbuster movie on a non holiday weekend.

The movie which has been widely promoted in recent weeks, has already proved a success for 20th Century FOX as it only cost $97m to make.

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