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June 12, 2018

Heroic Irish coach driver stops the bus to talk down a man from a bridge

A man attempting to jump from a bridge

An Irish bus driver, driving from Derry to Dublin, has become a hero after saving a man in a desperate state on a bridge in Co. Tyrone in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The Translink driver halted the coach that he was driving in a heroic and heartwarming effort to save his life. 

The, thus far, un-named driver waited patiently and ensured that the man was safe before taking back to the coach. 

He announced to passengers that he was sorry for the delay but he could not pass the distressed man without assisting him to safety.

Proud passenger on  the coach, Joseph Carlin took to twitter saying:

 “You should know your driver just saved a life by talking man off bridge in Strabane. Hero.”

The driver was reported to be extremely shaken by the incident but ensured that he got back into the drivers seat to complete his journey to Dublin for his passengers. 

Mr Carlin said: “The whole bus applauded him after he apologised to us for holding us up. No one cared. We are in safe hands. The man deserves award.”

A spokesperson for Translink responded to Mr Carlin’s posts saying: “Oh Joseph, that is a great thing to hear 1st thing”.

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