March 26, 2017

HSE Director for Emergency Management “the current overcrowding crisis at the nations hospitals will get a lot worse”

The current hospital overcrowding crisis will get a lot worse the HSE’s Director for Emergency Management Damien Mcallion has warned.

According to Mr Mcallion, the nations hospitals could experience similar if not worse overcrowding problems at their emergency departments as the current flu outbreak continues to grip the country.

Mr McCallion believes that last weeks record that seen over 600 patients waiting on hospital trolleys could repeat itself in the coming months ahead as hospitals across the country are struggling to cope with the lack of much needed beds and staff shortages.

Mr McCallion told reporters over the weekend: “We know the next three months are going to be challenging.”

“We can’t absolutely say when certain other peaks will happen or the number of beds closed on any particular week can change due to infection control.”

“So we have to try and manage the current situation and deal with it.”

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