March 30, 2017

HSE’s inability to do anything about the overcrowding crisis creates warzone-like, field hospital conditions across A&E departments in Ireland


The HSE is falling apart at the seams.

With hundreds of people now routinely languishing on trolleys, ambulances stuck outside hospital facilities, unable to offload their sick patients, the situation has reached boiling point.

Parking old and frail people on trolleys for hours on end, looking at the walls of hospital corridors, seems to have become de de facto standard for medical care.

So far, no initiative has worked, and no major breakthrough in the palliation of overcrowding has taking place. And the Minister for Health, young Simon Harris, is floundering in a position that is way out of his depth and several notches above his already overblown pay grade.

The scene currently facing those unfortunate enough to have to attend A&E is one similar to field hospitals around war-torn countries, with sick people staring into chaos as the wait a turn that will come 5 or 6 hours later, if they are lucky.

With the flu season soon due to reach its peak, things are bound to get far, far worse.

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