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December 10, 2018

Male labour? Leading fertility experts claim men could become pregnant ‘tomorrow’ following successful womb transplants

The thought of men being able to become pregnant is considered almost impossible to everyone throughout the world, but it seems that far fetched reality is more possible than ever according to one leading fertility expert.

In what is considered a medical breakthrough those who were born male could bear a child of their own if they opt for a new procedure that implants a womb inside any body.

According to Dr Richard Paulson who is the president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine the revolutionary new procedure which is still at experimental stage could offer women and trans women the opportunity to give birth without the need of a third party.

Dr Paulsen who presented his research before a conference in Texas claimed such a procedure is now more possible than ever saying he didn’t see any obvious problems.

The leading fertility expert claims such a procedure is now real reality following major medical advancements in recent years and he even claimed that doctors could implant a uterus inside a man or transgender woman tomorrow if it was required.

However even though he was confident about the procedure which is seen as a game changer he did hold some reservations, with one being that the male pelvis would be too small which would mean a man would have to give birth by caesarean section.

He also said would be candidates would have to be given hormones that would replicate the changes that go on whilst a woman is pregnant.

Dr Paulsen explained that a uterus would have to be created via a living donor or from a brain-dead donor. However once the uterus has been implanted a man or trans woman could theoretically become pregnant once an IVF embryo is implanted.

Dr Paulson finished by saying that the field of trans medicine has come a long way, before adding: “I suspect there are going to be trans women who want to have a uterus and will likely get the transplant in the near future”

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