March 26, 2017

Michael Healy-Rae: Road deaths are not all about drink-driving 

Michael Healy-Rae

South Kerry TD Michael Healy-Raw has stated that reducing the drink drink-drive level alone would not reduce fatalities on our roads.

Deputy Healy-Rae’s comments come following the reforms put forward by the Minister for Transport Shane Ross, including reducing the blood alcohol limit from 50 milogram to 20 milogram for all drivers.

Last year has seen an increase of 15% road fatalities since 2015. 

Mr Healy-Rae believes that the debate on road safety needs to be broadened: “When we are talking about road safety, we have to look at mobile phone use, we have to look at the other factors that are causing people to lose their lives on the road.

“So, if Minister Ross wants to have a debate on this issue, yes have the debate, look at the problem, but look at the problem in its entirety.Don’t focus on one issue.”

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