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September 18, 2018

Opinion: Bin charges are the new Irish Water and the public won’t stand for it

One more financial burden couldn’t hurt. This seems be the mantra of the Fine Gael led government. Obviously not having learned anything for its act of sheer folly, that was its attempt to impose water charges the reality divorced minds in government have deemed it necessary now to squeeze the people of the country just a little bit more.

The new bin charges, which originally would have allowed private business free range in determining the prices it will set for the collection of waste, generally based on a per kilogram system, would mean that there will no protection from prices sky rocketing over time once the changes come into effect and the flat rate fees will are phased out. There has been some tacit compromise form Fine Gael, after pressure from there partners across the
aisle Fianna Fail.

This is indicative of a pattern with Fine Gael, which appears to be determined on a course that would see the authority and responsibility of the local county council diminished as greatly as possible. After all the people can still wield some influence their local county council, and we cannot allow something like the will of the people to interfere with government agenda, lest we forget the water charges.

Some that the Fine Gael led government, with full, unwavering support of then Minister Leo Varadkar flushed hundreds of millions of euro down the drain in trying to impose. An act of hubris that the people will again shoulder through taxes, cuts and a deteriorating of their standard of living. Again it all comes down to Fianna Fail. They could put an end to this if they like or they could just continue their phony, token resistance the Leo Varadkar agenda which will see nothing but pain and hardship inflicted on the people.

However Taoiseach Varadkar did say he wants a nation of more early risers. He may well get that with these new charges, with more people, who cannot bear an additional financial burden, getting up earlier to find alternate means of disposing of their household rubbish.

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