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January 15, 2019

Opinion: Charity begins at home – we need to look after our 10,000 homeless before any Syrians


Ireland, that land of one thousand welcomes – as long as you’re not actually from Ireland, that is.

Are you sick and tired of the do gooders yet? Sick of anti this, anti that and anti the other nonsense coming out of politicians and political correct do-gooders in areas that have no little to no effect of migrants or indeed homelessness.

Ireland has approx 10,000 homeless people on our streets while “we’ve” just taken in 22 Syrian families giving them shelter, accommodation, heat and food.

Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan said these people can now focus on their new future here in Ireland, but Charlie what about the futures of the 10,000 Irish people lying homeless in the freezing cold on out streets and hotel rooms around the country?

But you can’t say anything against them because you’ll be called “waysist” (racist for those who are allergic to sarcasm).

2018 saw a number of poor homeless people literally die on our streets.

One such man died in Waterford from lack of basic health care and shetler.

That poor man’s needs obviously came second to migrants who land here and are in sheltered, safe accommodation within hours – it really does beggar belief.

Co. Roscommon, Co. Meath and Waterford itself ironically have sheltered Syrians in the past weeks – but our own are left out in the cold.

It’s ludicrous!

Varadkar if you read this – it’s NOT racist to say Irish FIRST!

Why on earth can we not prioritise Irish people, particularly homeless Irish people before people coming from Afghanistan or Syria?

It appears as though if you’re Irish, Catholic, White or anything other than what is perceived as a minority, you have no rights whatsoever and can lie on the streets to die.

But come into this country with a different religion, a different skin colour, a different language and you’re welcomed with open arms, given a house, heat, helped get a car and insurance and every other facility and aid there is going. It’s political correct madness.

Can Leo Varadkar, Simon Harris or Simon Coveney tell us what’s wrong with Irish people who are here all their lives? Why can’t they be given the same, if not better treatment that all the migrants appear to get when housed in direct provision centres?

The usual extreme left wing lunatics on twitter welcome migrants in with open arms but isn’t it a wonder that they aren’t seen out on the streets helping their fellow Irish person get the same accommodation, same living standards, same food, same clothing, same heat, same safety?

The political correct brigade in this country appear to help everyone else but the Irish themselves.

It’s time to take the bull by the horns here and tell the EU we’re Irish and that means we’re putting Irish people first.

If you’re a documented migrant and you arrive here in Ireland then you can get help AFTER the 10,000 homeless Irish people have been fully accommodated for.

The homeless problem is out of control. Enough is enough, prioritise Irish people first.

If you agree with this, please share it with your friends. The Liberal is the only publication in Ireland that will voice this opinion so please show this to your friends, your family and your local politicians.

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