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December 18, 2018

Opinion: Established media are desperate for Dundalk attack news to go away but so many questions remain

The leftist and establishment media and political class are positively desperate for the news about this Middle Eastern migrants Dundalk stabbing attack to go away however, there are so many unanswered questions that it simply will not.

Firstly, people need to know how this man entered Ireland with such ease after he was rejected for residency by the U.K government. To add to this confusion, why was he not detained by Gardaí on the spot when he first came to their attention two full days before his attack.

Authorities have identified this man, his age and his origin but how did he have a passport? Did they have any form of legitimate photo ID or are they going on his word. Mohammed Morei also alleges that he is 18, since the release of his image to the public’s domain, this has been called into serious doubt, especially as many migrants in Europe have lied about their age to increases their chances of getting asylum.
Gardaí, under immense pressure obviously, were very quick to rule out terror as they could not establish a link to international terrorist groups after reviewing his two phones. However, there have been countless attacks by lone wolf, low tech terrorists who had not been in direct contact with Islamic terrorist groups but were acting on their own initiative.

If this man had only come to Ireland recently and had no source of income, how and why did he allegedly have two mobile phones? Who paid for them and their usage?

The man was squatting in a recently vacated house in Dundalk. Did he just happen to stumble upon this or did he have advice and or and help from someone?

So much of this does not add up, powerful interests are desperate to have this go away but the victims of this attack and the Irish people deserve answers and reassurance that authorities will take migration into Ireland the security threat it poses more seriously.

Finally, the people need to know what was the motivation of this random, unprovoked stabbing attack by this Middle Eastern migrant who allegedly screamed “Allahu Akbar” as has been the war cry of so many other evil lunatics when they have committed similar atrocities in the UK and Europe.

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