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January 21, 2019

Opinion: George Hook is the latest victim of anti free-speech bigots

Before we start, rape is rape and should always be reported – however, George Hook never condoned rape.

The hysteria over the comments made by George Hook regarding the rape of a 19-year-old woman in the UK, have reached fever pitch. Hook could have chosen his words more carefully in attempting to articulate the point he wanted to make, but it’s a serious stretch to suggest that Hook was intending to defend rape or even blame the victim. Alas we live in a society that seems to ignore genuine issues and blow things spectacularly out of proportion. The truth is that most people seem to think that Hook’s comments were oafish and that’s it, however, the “progressive” media in this country have latched onto this faux pas to twist a knife they have been sharpening for him for a long time.

Hook is anathema to most of Ireland’s mainstream media, he dares to speak contrary to the ultra-liberal narrative we have forced down our throats without end. This kind of thought crime is not looked upon kindly by the “progressives” of Ireland, always eager to take things out of context. These unofficial thought police cannot tolerate free speech. Ever since he came out in support of Donald Trump’s candidacy they have been baying for his blood. These fanatics do not want to simply destroy people’s careers when they dare to think outside of their dogmatic narrative, they want to destroy lives. As is obvious to any thinking person, the media in Ireland followed a strict Anti-Trump policy, and still do, Hook stepping out of line could not go unpunished. Hook should have known this before making the foolish remarks he did. He gave them exactly what they’ve been waiting for.

It’s unfortunate that all the pearl clutching, shock and indignation that has been expressed over Hook’s comments are not seen when actual atrocities are committed. None of the voices in the Irish media attacking Hook, spoke up with such vociferousness when hundreds of German women were attacked and sexually assaulted in cities across the country, and the German minister Ralf Jaeger said that critics of the migrant policy were at least as bad as rapists. How disrespectful to rape survivors was that? When it turned out that authorities in the UK knew of mass sexual enslavement of English children by Muslim rape gangs, but allegedly ignored it for fear of appearing to be politically incorrect I don’t remember any progressives or feminists in Ireland speaking out at all.

They will never speak up and defend these women and girls because to do so would be contrary to their dogma, their agenda. They would rather destroy a 76-year-old news presenter because he said something they took out of context.

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