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October 20, 2017

Opinion: It’s an absolute disgrace Bernadette Scilly was ever in court – the family deserved support services not a trial


In one of the most talked about trials in recent years, Bernadette Scilly has been found not guilty of the manslaughter of her daughter, Emily.

The 58-yr-old remained collected and calm as the judge read out the verdict.

11-yr-old Emily died on the 12th of September 2012 after her mother Bernadette, who was a practicing GP at the time, administered drugs which were declared the cause of death to poor Emily.

The entire event is nothing short of a tragedy.

Whether Bernadette tried to medically sustain her daughter or whether she really did try and end her life, by stopping her suffering, is actually completely irrelevant.

The fact of the matter is the fickle approach to such a situation is what lead to Emily’s demise and Bernadette’s horrific trial ordeal.

Bernadette herself tried to take her own life twice after Emily died.

But the only question that needs to be asked is; where’s the support structure in place to deal with such sick children, mentally anguished parents and a terrible situation? Where!?

We have our government throwing money at the most ludicrous of projects, foreign aid and even expensive Christmas lights, but none for home help for poor Emily, Bernadette and Andrius? Give me a break!

Every life is precious and none more so than Bernadette saying how precious her little Emily was, but parents watching their beloved child suffer will inevitably lose their mental strength.

THIS is where the State should be stepping in and offering a helping hand. There’s phenomenal professionals in this country who are caring, empathetic, intelligent and understanding.

For goodness sake, is it that difficult to put in place a support structure for such a horrific scenario? If Emily was Enda Kenny’s daughter, you can be damn sure there’s be a new department setup precisely to deal with such an example.

Hopefully the family can now move on with their lives and Emily can rest in peace and help them with the strength they need going forward.

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