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December 16, 2018

Opinion: It’s not racist to ask how a 17-yr-old goes from a cinema to speaking on the stage at a political rally

Image source: RTE Late Late Show

After what many believe to be a stage managed PR stunt on the Late Late Show on Friday night where Ryan Tubridy sycophantically interviewed recently freed, Ibrahim Halawa, legitimate concerns are still prevalent amongst the Irish people.

Halawa appeared to glibly suggest that only racists are concerned about potential Islamic radicals. Islamic Radicalism is a race now, apparently. Not a deranged, evil ideology that infects the minds of people from all backgrounds.

Despite denying all ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, another Islamic Cleric in Ireland, Shaykh Umar Al-Qadri, has questioned why most of the media in the country seem absolutely determined to ignore the myriad of links between the Halawa’s and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The truth is, it’s not racist to be concerned over just how and why exactly Ibrahim Halawa ended up in the Al-Fetah Mosque allegedly pledging to “give his life” because this is an “Islamic matter” when the Egyptian security forces were attempting to route Islamists extremists from the building.

It is an insult to the Irish people to claim that any concerns about Halawa, whose father heads the Irish Branch of the “European Council for Fatwa and Research” that is headed by a former unofficial leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Youssef Qaradawi, is somehow racist.

Qaradawi, himself has been criticized for inciting violence and is banned from the U.S, U.K, France and is a designated terrorist in several countries. His influence is strong in Ireland however, where anyone who dares to speak up is ridiculed and bullied into silence by PC fascists.

Alas, online Twitter trolls with too much time and not enough brains and most of the mainstream media in Ireland are like useful idiots tripping over themselves to pontificate and virtue signal will moronically suggest that even asking these pertinent questions is somehow racist.

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