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July 11, 2018

Opinion: People need to stop making excuses and start blaming Islamic extremism – Europe needs to act now


We had to blur the above image because 2 innocent civilians, possibly holiday makers, were amongst 100 ploughed down by cowards, thugs, evil scum this afternoon in Barcelona.

How many more Barcelona, London, Brussels, Paris, Islamic terrorist attacks must we endure before there’s some rational thought as to how to efficiently and effectively stop this problem.

Already there’s people screaming “oh we don’t know it was Muslims” – give me a break, what other so-called “religion of peace” produces vermin who think it’s literally their God-given right to get into a van, mount a footpath of one of the busiest streets in Europe and murder as many completely innocent people as possible.

That sort of political correct crap went out the window when these ever-increasing cowardly ISIS attacks started.

For the record, ISIS have already claimed responsibility for today’s nightmare, but that won’t matter as “there are none so blind as those who will not see”.

Let’s start the conversation in the West, how do we stop it? Muslims are out breeding Christians right across Europe, so statistically these attacks are only going to increase for the foreseeable future.

We need to put a full clamp down on any migrants coming in from countries that are known to harbour, sympathize or train Muslim terrorists. If these people need housing then let their Muslim neighbours in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Dubai take care of them, as we would with any like-minded European country.

People’s hysteria over who says this and that about the threat of such Islamic beliefs will only stop in Ireland if, God forbid, a terrorist attack happened in Grafton St for example.

How on earth could the Gardai stand up to the likes of today? What would they use, their pepper spray?

They’re unarmed, untrained and inexperienced in any such emergency. You can be guaranteed no matter what is said elsewhere, all police services are the same.

We need a full clampdown on European immigration. We need to weed out anyone with remotely suspicious activities and intern them indefinitely.

We need swift action, clear thinking and decisions that will not be popular with the left or people who pander to political correctness.

Barcelona today, Dublin tomorrow? We need this done now.

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