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January 18, 2019

Opinion: Regardless of what you think of Tommy Robinson, his imprisonment proves free speech is very much in danger

Something is rotten in the state of England, activist and journalist Tommy Robinson has been sentenced to 13 months in prison for contempt of court for covering the trial of a Muslim Child Rape Gang in Leeds.

Regardless of what people think of Robinson, he has been instrumental in exposing the national catastrophe that is Muslim Rape Gangs targeting non-Muslim children across England. When he first began to expose this Robinson was met with the full force of the law who terrorised him and his family in a bid to keep him silent.

This is a running theme in England, the Muslim population is a protect and privileged minority in the country. In Rochdale, another town blighted by Muslim Rape Gangs, Detective Margaret Oliver, was targeted with threats and intimidation that made her life a “torture” because she tried to expose the mass abuse of white English girls by Muslim Gangs, which included rape, torture, sex-trafficking, addicting them to hard drugs and even outright murder. For her gallant efforts she was forced from the Police force.

While most journalists ignore or even strive to cover up these atrocities in the name of the new state religion of “political correctness” Robinson strove to expose it. During one of his numerous incarcerations for trumped up charges he was approached by Police Intelligence who attempted to blackmail him into becoming an informer on other similar ‘thought criminals’.

Even elected members of Parliament are not immune from persecution for daring to speak out about this issue. The Labour MP for Rotherham, the city that saw the first major revelations about the true scale of Muslim Rape Gang atrocities, spoke about this problem and said that “over one million” children had fallen victim to these predators over the last few decades. She described the situation as a “national disaster”.

Champion was roundly condemned by the British establishment, forced to resign her front bench position with the party and her college MP Naz Shah tweeted that English children who were abused by Muslin Rape Gangs should “keep their mouths shut for the sake of diversity”.

Thousands of English girls being raped and abused, people being slaughtered in the streets like pigs, radicalisation spreading unabated, yet the UK political and media establishment are terrified of Tommy Robinson.

Why is there such fear? In George Orwell’s 1984, the population are controlled by making certain types language and words and therefore thoughts illegal. The thought criminals are ruthlessly persecuted by Big Brother. It seems this book is serving as a manual rather than a warning for the British establishment and the “progressive” regimes of so many other Western countries.

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