March 26, 2017

Opinion: The Minister for Health Simon Harris is an absolute disgrace to the Irish people


If ever there was an example of a boy being sent to do a man’s job, it’s the current case of the 30-yr-old youngster who Enda Kenny has given perhaps the most important job of all, Minster for Health Simon Harris.

We are currently going through an unprecedented flu epidemic that has exasperated the already bed-stricken hospital trolley crisis across the country, what’s Simon’s answer?

“Simon says” we’re doing much better!

What he didn’t add was that we’re doing much better… than Zimbabwe or Cambodia.

Enda Kenny has failed over and over and over again as Taoiseach, but surely he can do better than this utter failure of a “Minsiter for Health”.

The Irish people deserve better than a 30-yr-old who said he was going to “kick ass” in the HSE, we haven’t seen much kicked yet.

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