March 26, 2017

Opinion: The “politically correct” mainstream Irish media are completely out of touch with how the average American feels about Donald Trump’s policies


Donald Trump, the 70-yr-old billionaire businessman turned President, has certainly proven to be a man of his word so far and is living up to his promises.

Old mainstream media outlets on both sides of the Atlantic are increasingly being seen as completely out of touch with the voting public, the people who put Donald Trump in the White House.

Other than intensive reporting of the actions or opinions of a few marginal radical left wing entities and individuals, who are taking legal actions against Trump’s latest Executive order to temporarily ban people from 7 countries, there has been almost no reporting of the immense support that there is for Trump, and this policy, right across middle America.

There has been no expression of surprise, let alone condemnation, expressed over the unprecedented and quite simply repugnant interference in President Trump’s administration by his predecessor Barrack Obama – less than two weeks after he left office.

The mainstream media have conveniently forgotten that it was Obama himself who identified the countries where the ban is being implemented.

Irish politicians have effectively fallen over themselves to condemn the actions of President Trump, with absolutely no query on behalf of RTE, the State broadcaster, about why they are not exclusively concentrating on the interests of Ireland, which we know would be far better served with maintaining a strong link and relationship with America rather than blindly condemning everything that Trump says or does in a pathetic attempt to plicate a minority politically correct agenda in Ireland.

Farcically, “demands” issued from the leader of the single most unsuccessful political party in Ireland, the Labour party, that the Taoiseach doesn’t attend the St Patrick’s Day celebrations in Washington because in his words; the vast majority of Irish people are opposed to what Trump has done is a further reflection of how utterly out of touch the political class and the mainstream media are with the Irish people.

If the political class continues to assume that everybody lives in a politically correct echo chamber, a Donald Trump-figure or movement could quite easily emerge in this country.

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