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January 18, 2019

OPINION: There’s a lot to be said about the death penalty for “people” who commit sexual assaults

On Friday night’s Late Late Show, one of the most articulate and eloquently spoken people to appear on the show for many years was interviewed.

In case you missed it, her name is Ailbhe Griffith and she spoke about her horrific sexual assault ordeal and how her life was affected.

Ailbhe detailed how this sinister and evil scumbag followed her off her bus and horrifically and brutally sexually assaulted her for some 50 minutes.

He bit, beat and sexually assaulted her – it doesn’t get much worse.

Now from this point, let me state that Ailbhe is a better person than me because there is no way I could calmly talk about that piece of human dirt so politely as she did. In fact I take my hat off to her, she is the essence of a lady.

But let’s get down to things here. I believe in God and believe that justice is served to those who deserve it when this life ends, but what about justice in this this actual life rather than waiting for the next?

I can fully understand how people see a lifelong prison sentence with no luxuries in life being justice enough, but is it?

How can the victim walk around with the horrific memories in their mind of what their attacker did knowing that their living off the State, possibly even off their victim’s tax money. That’s not justice.


I also know that most certainly people get committed for crimes that they didn’t actually do – but what about that absolute certainty of those who were caught, seen, recorded etc?

What possible benefit to society is an evil coward who lurches after innocent prey and devoids them off their mental freedom forever, never mind the actual disgusting physical and sexual attack itself.

I can’t see any benefit to these people being allowed breath oxygen. None.

America gets a bad rap by some for certain State’s death penalty, but does it work? Do the perpetrators get to attack again? Do they get Sky television, pool and weightlifting while being fed 3 times a day?

No they don’t – they get their lives ended, the end of their existence on earth and that, in my eyes, is justice well and truly served.

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