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January 15, 2019

Opinion: Twitter is full of pathetic keyboard trolling cowards but you should embrace them

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In one way, there’s no real need to even write this article as everyone who has used twitter even once will know what I’m talking about.

They’re pathetic, they need each other’s praise, they yearn for attention, they seek responses, yes, they’re known as trolls.

These trolls in particular I’m talking about are the saddest of all, the twitter keyboard cowards.

These freaks generally are unwashed, unshaven with stupid haircutsĀ and are utterly terrified of using their actual name.

No, instead these keyboard cowards use alias names to launch abuse from afar. Why are they so afraid to use their actual name?

If you’re reading this and you’re a twitter troll who is terrified of using your real name – you’re nothing short of a snivelling coward with a pathetic, sad excuse for a life.

Anyone who is a subject of these abuse from these vermin should do one thing – embrace it, love the attention, search for your name or your business name and laugh, love and thrive on the spotlight that these people give you.

These gutter level individuals don’t realise the platform they’re giving you – they’re presenting you as much higher than they are. They’re all talking about you, but who gives two damns about them? Nobody!

Think about it for a second? People who you don’t know but who know who you are, are obsessed with your every move, comment about you, talk about you, think about you – who’s on the higher ground?

You are.

These lonely, weird freaks need the twitter echo chamber to live and leech off. They should be pitied where possible and laughed at in reality. They have no lives of their own. They have nothing in their own small existence that anyone cares to talk about or think about. What’s more is that they’llĀ never have anything in their own lives. They are nothing.

The next time someone tweets abuse your way, smile, embrace it and feel great knowing that you’re being talked about for whatever reason.

What these nobodies don’t realise is that the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about at all.


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