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January 19, 2019

Opinion: Whether you agree with him or not – Peter Casey is saying what a lot of people privately think

Peter Casey – a man of the people? Well, maybe.

The businessman announced his Presidential candidacy on the back of a death-bed wish he made to his beloved mother.

Casey, known to the nation through his Dragon Den days, is a shrewd businessman who has made millions around the world through clever and hardworking business deals.

He’s affable and softly spoken.

But now he’s also a man he clearly speaks his mind, too. Whether you agree with him or not about his comments on the traveller community, Casey at least speaks his mind and says it how he sees it.

Could the same be said for Micheal D Higgins? It’s doubtful as it appears Higgins measures every single word that comes out of his mouth.

Casey, even though he’s a millionaire, appears to be much more the “every man” of this race. He has a likability factor that’s undeniable. His opinions are somewhat divisive but mainly to the social justice warrior type who has blue hair and a carries a placard on a daily basis.

One would have to wonder what these people who are complaining today about what Casey said would think themselves if a halting site was on their land and gardai had their hands tied in efforts to remove them.

It’s silly to generalise to such an extent that Casey is correct in saying the entire traveller community is this, that or the other – it’s not the case. There’s good and bad in all walks of life, but his comments have been met with a lot of support too, proving that many people feel the same way as he does.

The bottom line with Casey is quite clear. Agree with him, disagree with him but absolutely accept that what he has said to so far, including his traveller comments, is what many, many people think and say privately to their family and friends behind closed doors.

One thing is for sure – Presidential candidate Peter Casey has just put himself firmly in the race and has a legitimate chance of a possible win. Tonight’s debate with Pat Kenny will prove even more significant now.


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