March 26, 2017

Outrageous: Young drivers being told to buy new cars in order to bring their insurance premium down”

There is outrage amongst young motorists today after it was revealed that insurance companies nationwide are advising them to buy newer cars in order to bring down their premiums.

The recommendation by companies has been slammed by the Union of Students in Ireland who say the advise is not appropriate nor helpful given that most students struggle to buy second hand cars let alone newer ones.

The union say although some new measures have been introduced tackle the spiraling cost of car insurance but they don’t really help protect young drivers, who are being unfairly targeted.

A spokesperson for the students union said: “It’s absolute madness most students are being €6,000 or more for insurance.”

“When they say they cannot afford it and search for an alternative, they are told to buy a newer car, that is not a sustainable way for the insurance industry to work.”

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