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July 13, 2018

Physical attraction: Scientists say new research shows what women really want in a man’s body

It is no secret that when it comes to attracting a future partner we all would like to look in pristine condition, however that reality is sometimes not easy to achieve for both sexes.

Well now it seems that men who are worried about not being in prime physical shape can relax a little as scientists have apparently uncovered what exactly what women find physically attractive in men.

According to new research published by scientists at the Geneva University the fairer sex are not interested in muscular man with bulging biceps or ripped pecs but rather how a man’s midriff stacks up against the rest.

Yes it seems that if you happen to have a leaner belly you will more than likely attract a woman (providing your personality is also up to scratch).

According to the research which included a team of doctors women are more likely to check out a man’s stomach region rather than his genitals or his upper torso when they are eying up a potential mate.

The research which included a number male and female volunteers also found that men are more than likely to examine a woman’s chest region rather than her midriff whilst searching for potential partner.

During the study both men and women were asked to look at 120 photographs of people in swimsuits – and to rate those of the opposite sex for sexual desire.

The participants reactions were monitored by eye-tracking technology whilst they studied the images.

Surprisingly the research found that both sexes spent longer looking at the body than at the face during the viewing period.

Although women were found to look at the abdomens of men more extensively than the chest or genital region, whilst the men were found to be the opposite as they looked at the chest region more than the abdominal or genital region.

Speaking about the findings a lead researcher said the findings now provided a different insight into how the opposite sex viewed each other and what exactly made them physically attracted to one another.

They added: “It seems the body has a more influential role than previously thought as both sexes viewed the body more than the face.”

There you have it lads. Ladies do you agree with the above findings?

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