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December 13, 2018

Political Correct Insanity – Church of Sweden to ban referring to God as “He” or “Lord” to favour more “gender fluid” terms

Sweden, or as it is often referred to these days “Absurdistan” should stand as warning to world of the dangers of a society unquestioningly embracing the cult of political correctness.

The Lutheran church of Sweden, the country’s biggest religious denomination has urged its members to cease referring to God as he or “The Lord” as it pushes gender neutrality, a biology denying ideology that the Swedish government also encourages even for children beginning with pre-school.

This is not the first time leading Christians in Sweden have advocated disregarding millennia of tradition, beliefs and values to adhere to the century old dogma of political correctness, the first Lesbian bishop of the Church of Sweden Eva Brunne, has also called on churches to remove crosses so as not to offend the massive and rapidly growing Muslim population in Sweden.

Since the PC fanatic government in Sweden made the spectacularly destructive decision to completely open its borders to mass migration, Sweden has become of the rape capitals of the world, dozens of areas of the once peaceful Scandinavian country are lawless no-go zones and anyone who dares speak out against the madness are ruthlessly repressed by the authorities and media.

However, there should be no doubt that the same strain of lunacy that has condemned Sweden to its sorry fate has a foothold in this country as well as essentially every other country in Western Europe and North America. Suicidal altruism coupled with a dash of self-loathing are pushing the political correct madness along with powerful interests working towards their own ends.

We have to stand up and confront it now, lest everything that has made Western Civilization the greatest in the world be up ended through the totalitarian tip toe of “Political Correctness”.

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