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January 23, 2019

Revealed: Airbnb contributes €202 million to Irish economy



A report released today showed that Airbnb contributed a massive €202 million to the Irish economy in the last year.

The impact of the company on Ireland was examined after similar studies took place in France, New York, London and Madrid. The accommodation website supported 2,020 jobs in Ireland from October 2014 to September 2015.

The study was researched in collaboration with leading Irish economist David McWilliams and examined travel to Ireland across the board in the selected 12 month period. Findings from the study included that Airbnb hosts use the money they earn from sharing their homes to pay rent and other bills.

Other findings in the report included:

  • 330,000 guests have used Airbnb to visit Ireland in the past year, and 213,000 Irish residents have used Airbnb to explore the world.
  • Airbnb listings in Ireland have more than doubled since 2010 and span more than 500 cities, towns and villages in all Irish counties.
  • In the past year, 7,200 Irish hosts welcomed guests into their homes. The typical host earned €2,600 a year by sharing their space for 46 nights a year.
  • 60% of hosts in Ireland said the additional income helped them stay in their homes, and 15% of hosts used this income to help start a new business.
  • Airbnb guests spend an average of €561 per visitor per trip. They want ‘authentic travel experiences’; 83% want to live like a local and 75% want to explore a specific neighbourhood.
  • Over 90% of guests would recommend the Airbnb listing they stayed in to friends and family.
  • Almost 80% of guests said their experience on Airbnb made them more likely to return to the city they visited, and almost 25% of guests would not have gone on their trip or stayed as long without Airbnb.

Head of Public Policy for Airbnb, Patrick Robinson, commented on the benefits that the company had on the Irish economy.

“It helps grow and diversify tourism, spreads benefits to new communities and local businesses, and is a lifeline for thousands of Irish residents, helping them stay in their homes and support their families.

“We want to work with everyone in Ireland on progressive measures to support Irish residents who share their homes to help make ends meet,” Robinson said.

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