March 26, 2017

Sex of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s twins revealed after mother to be, father let’s the cat out of the bag during interview

Over the last week pop singer Beyoncé got social media talking after she announced she and her husband Jay Z were going to have twins.

The joyful announcement left many in the entertainment world questioning what sex the two bundles of joy are.

Well now it seems the mother to be father let the cat out of the bag during a recent interview on US television.

Speaking about her Instagram announcement, Matthew Knowles said: “That was very smart that she did it rather than someone else, the media, doing it. I think there’s strategy. I think there’s more to come… I’m extremely proud, extremely happy both for Jay and for her.”

“And Blue is gonna have brothers and sisters. She is already excited.”

The rather unplanned announcement apparently backs up a fan theory about a boy and girl, with many eagle eyed viewers noticing the singer wearing a pink bra with a small pale pink bow, paired with baby blue underwear. 

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