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January 17, 2019

Simon Harris accused of ignoring doctors concerns with his abortion plan

The Minister for Health is continuing to focus on the introduction of abortion, much to the dismay of a huge group of GPs in the country who say they have never been consulted by Simon Harris, despite his plans to introduce a GP-led service as soon as possible. They also say that they must be allowed to opt out of having anything to do with the abortion procedure. This is particularly important for doctors who say they have always trained to save lives and if they are now forced to take part in abortions, they will have to end babies’ lives in the womb.

The draft legislation is currently passing through the Health Committee where Simon Harris is insisting that tax payers must carry the cost of abortion – this despite the fact that the health service is chronically underfunded at present.

Other amendments which are not being considered are the most humane, including the possibility of giving pain killing medication to a baby who can feel pain and is due to have his or her life ended in abortion. Even many Yes voters would feel that there is nothing wrong in giving this pain killing medication to prevent the baby feeling pain.

Similarly, many people feel there should be an amendment to say that abortion on the grounds of disability or sex selective abortions should not be allowed, with many commentators expressing surprise that anyone could object to these. As one source told the Liberal: “No-one wants to see babies with disabilities being aborted, or baby girls being aborted because their parents wanted a boy. Why not just put those into the legislation? It feels like Simon Harris won’t give in to anything that it’s just getting ridiculous at this stage.”

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