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December 15, 2018

Taxi driver’s chilling evidence claims alleged rape victim was left crying and very upset as she got into his car

Yesterday afternoon, Stephen Fisher, the taxi driver who brought the alleged 19-yr-old rape victim home after the whatever happened in Paddy Jackson’s house, gave evidence to claim that the young woman was in a shocking state when she got into his car.

Mr Fisher brought the 19-yr-old woman home on the night in question and told the court today that she was sobbing practically uncontrollably, had her phone in her hand and was basically unable to talk other than tell him where she wanted to go.

It’s also understood that the taxi driver claims she appeared to be upset and just rested her head and the chest of the man who accompanied her in the taxi to her house.

26-yr-old Ireland rugby player Paddy Jackson and 24-yr-old Ulster rugby player Stuart Olding are in the Belfast Crown Court this week accused of brutally raping a 19-yr-old woman at a house party.

Mr Olding, of Ardenlee Street in Belfast, and Mr Jackson, from Oakleigh Park, deny all charges in the case.

The 19-yr-old woman alleges that there was consensual kissing between herself and Paddy Jackson upstairs at a party in his house, however she claims that she made it perfectly clear that did not want to take anything further.

The alleged incident on 28 June 2016 in Paddy Jackson’s house.

RTE News reports that the young woman alleges that after the pair were kissing, she went downstairs and realised that she forgot her handbag. She went back upstairs to get it and was followed by Paddy Jackson.

She then claims he pushed her onto the bad, pulled down her underpants and raped her.

The young unnamed woman then alleges that Stuart Olding came into the room and made her perform oral sex on him.

After both alleged incidents were over, a third man 26-yr-old Blane McIlroy, from Royal Lodge Road, Ballydollaghan, Belfast, is said to have burst into the room with his penis in his hand and asked “Is there a possibility of a threesome?”

The woman alleges she was crying and said along the lines of how many times do I need to say no?

She was then taken home in a taxi by another man.
25-yr-old Rory Harrison, from Manse Road, Belfast, is also charged with perverting the course of justice and withholding information from police.

The trial continues.

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