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That’s mad Ted: Father Ted – The Musical – might happen!

Hints have flown about the legendary Father Ted series being made into a musical. 

The hilarious late ’90 series was extremely popular throughout Ireland and abroad, and still runs on a number TV channels. 

Quotes from the show are practically part of our everyday culture.

So, it comes as exciting news that one of the shows creators, Graham Lineham, has hinted at a return of the show…in the form of a musical! 

Speaking to the Radio Times, Linehan said: “I would never bring back the TV show, because of the risk you poison people’s memories of the original.
“But if you were to come up with a completely new format, I think it would be worth doing. I have this vision of a dance number, with spinning cardinals.”

However, another co-creator of the show, Arthur Matthews, is “not as convinced” that it would work. 
Ah, Feck! 
What do you think? 

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