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Tubridy defends vulgar Late Late Show valentine’s special claiming “it went down very well”

In case you didn’t know Last Friday’s Late Late Show has caused a bit of a kafuffle on social media over the past week with many labelling the spectacle as an embarrassment to Irish TV and a waste of taxpayer money, but one person has gone on to defend the valentine’s special.

Not surprisingly the man who couldn’t find anything wrong with the complete farce Ryan Tubridy, has claimed the show was successful despite the hundreds of complaints made to RTE.

Speaking on his Radio One show recently the ever charismatic host said: “The show actually went down very well, it got a 46% share which is enormous, and it’s a very very very good result.”

“Yes of course a number of people complained but actually bigger numbers watched it and seemed to enjoy it and the story that seems to have emerged from that programme is that it’s a tale of two Ireland’s and one Ireland is full of under 50s and another Ireland full of over 50s who thought a little less of it in that sense.”

Tubridy further explained: “There are 37 Late Late Shows in a season, one we go bananas for one and that was Friday night and it was great fun and another one we play with toys and act like children and that goes down very well indeed.”

“And we have another one coming up, the country show and some people will hate that because they don’t love country and others will love it because they love country.”

“They are three event shows and we love each and every one of them, we love doing them. “You’ll lose a few heads watching some of them and you’ll gain a few watching others and that’s what it is.”

Tubridy’s latest comments will surely not sit well with the viewing public as many took to social media to complain about the show, which showcased a number of Irish celebrities including singer Linda Martin and comedian Al Porter, along with a blind date special that showcased sexually vulgar and inappropriate language.

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