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November 8, 2018

Update: Four boys have now been rescued as Thai cave rescue operation is suspended for the day

Image Source: Sky News

The daring operation to rescue 12 boys and their coach from a cave in Thailand has ended for the day with four boys being rescued.

In what has already been hailed as a significant success, the four boys were rescued in the most difficult of circumstances on Sunday as trained divers managed to get the boys safely out of the cave which is located about a half a mile beneath the earth’s surface.

According to Thai state media the rescue operation has been suspended until tomorrow as heavy rainfall has been reported nearby.

The rescue operation which has seen 18 divers take on a difficult challenge to rescue the boys began shortly after 10am local time on Sunday.

It is believed the boys who have little experience of diving had to travel approximately 1km through deep water in order to successfully reach the cave’s exit.

Although one of the boys is being closely monitored by medical personnel at a nearby hospital, it is believed that they have suffered no major health complications during the rescue operation.

Meanwhile emergency personnel have been praised for their brave heroics given the grave dangers they face whilst trying to carryout the operation successfully.

Divers in particular have been heavily praised as the travelling distance within the cave has seen them perform tasks that are considered highly difficult and exhausting.

It is expected the operation could take as much as four days to complete as adverse weather conditions may considerably hamper efforts in the coming days.

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