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June 12, 2018

We Will Have Our Revenge: Jordan faces down Islamic State

The Middle Eastern state of Jordan has hanged two Islamic terrorists in response to the brutal murder of one of its pilots by Islamic State. Newspapers in the Muslim kingdom have cried out for vengeance while the father of the deceased pilot has demanded the complete destruction of Islamic State (IS).

One of the hanged prisoners was a female attempted suicide bomber whose release IS had demanded. The swift execution is just the first step in expected retaliation. Jordan is not a democracy and has historically been accused of torture and unfair legal practices but it is now the foremost opponent of IS and its leaders may be willing to use the military against the Islamic extremists.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II cut short a visit to the US and urged his people to show the true character of Jordanians. The King remains the most powerful person in Jordan and his input will be vital in deciding how his country reacts to IS. It is not politically feasible for Jordan to do nothing.

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