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🔴BREAKING: 32-yr-old Dylan Magee charged with murdering 89-yr-old William Healy in Cork hospital

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32-yr-old Dylan Magee has been charged with murdering 89-yr-old Matthew Healy in Cork’s Mercy Hospital.

He appeared in court on Tuesday morning.

The judge remanded him in custody where he’ll appear in court again on January 30th.

A member of the Gardai has told The Liberal off record that they’re working off the motive that a verbal row over too much noise during the night ended up with Matthew Healy being murdered in Merry Hospital, Cork.

Pushed on whether it was over a phone being too loud, snoring or sleeping issues or arrangements, the serving Garda said that no precise details will be made available at this time but that a bad row escalated and resulted in the murder of Mr Healy.

Gardaí to launch a murder investigation after an 89-yr-old patient was allegedly beaten to death in a Cork hospital.

Matthew Healy, a retired farmer from Berrings, was found dead on a ward at Cork’s Mercy Hospital in the early hours of Sunday.

Gardaí suspects that he was beaten to death by another patient who was in his own hospital.

A suspect in his thirties was arrested by Gardaí, who was alerted to the scene at around 5:30am.

Mr Healy, a father of four, had recently lost his wife, Delia, who died on 2 January

The Gardaí are said to be awaiting autopsy results but are ready to launch a murder investigation into the shocking death of Mr Healy.

In a statement, Gardaí confirmed that a man in his 30s had been arrested and taken to Bridewell Garda station in Cork.

“The scene is currently preserved for forensic and technical examination. An incident room has been established at the Bridewell Garda Station and the services of the State Pathologist have been requested,” a garda spokesperson said, reports The Mirror.

Gardaí also said that a family liaison officer had been appointed and that the family of the deceased had been notified.

Mr. Healy was well known in the Berrings community and is survived by his two sons and daughter.

His wife Delia Healy died in hospital earlier this month, while one of his daughters died a few years ago.

And to that, Councilor Michael Looney described Mr. Healy as a well-known and well-liked “gentleman” in the community.

“He was just a thorough, thorough gentleman. He was respected both inside and outside of the community,” reports The Mirror.

Cllr Looney said the deceased only recently lost his wife and said the entire Berrings community was devastated by his shocking death.

“He lost his wife about three weeks ago. It’s a very sad occasion. He was a highly respected gentleman and we here in Berrings are devastated really. In a hospital, you think you’re in the safest place in the world,” reports The Mirror.

A hospital spokesman expressed his deepest condolences to the man’s family, relatives and friends

“It’s very sad news this morning and we are all devastated to hear it. It’s just dreadful for that poor man’s family and friends. To go into a hospital when you’re unwell and you hope to improve and come out healthier, and to have this happen is beyond imagination,” he said, reports The Mirror.

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