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­čö┤BREAKING: 35-yr-old migrant gets off guilty verdict for murder of wife by reason of insanity

Image source: RTE

A 35-yr-old man who killed his wife because he thought she was possessed has been found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity.

Diego Costa Silva killed his wife Fabiole Campara de Campos Silva in November 2021.

Defence and prosecution psychiatrists agreed that he was suffering from a cannabis-induced psychotic disorder at the time.

Costa Silva sobbed when the jury’s verdict was announced, reports RTE.

The judge said Ms de Campos Silva’s life had been terribly shortened by her actions.

Diego Costa Silva called emergency services in the early hours of November 4, 2021 and initially told them he thought he had killed his wife.

When Garda├ş arrived at Finglas’ apartment, they found the body of Fabiole Campara de Campos Silva, 33, lying in a doorway between the bedroom and the hallway. His head had been separated from his body.

Costa Silva said she thought she had been possessed by the spirit of a Brazilian gang leader and that it was a snake that was going to kill him. He said he cut off its head after attacking it because that was the only way to kill the snake.

He had been arrested two days earlier under the Mental Health Act in Dublin city centre by police officers who saw him running barefoot in the city centre and wearing only shorts.

He was taken to the Mater Hospital and examined, but came out the next day and killed his wife in the early hours.

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