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?BREAKING: Donnelly cannot confirm that schools will reopen after Christmas

The Irish Minister for Health really is beginning to take the biscuit with some of his comments. They appear to be completely muddled, mixed up and contradictory every other day.

Fianna Fail’s Stephen Donnelly was interviewed on tonight’s Primetime about the deteriorating state of affairs that the government is allowed happen right across the country.

Speaking about children being forced to wear masks, Donnelly said that it’s up to parents to make the right decisions for their children in relation to whether or not they go to a Panto and/or a play date.

Likewise, he was pushed on the escalating numbers of cases in schools. He was asked on whether or not he thought schools would definitely reopen after the Christmas break, Donnelly ominously said that he couldn’t pre-empt what will happen in January and would not confirm that schools will reopen as scheduled following the Christmas holidays.

As case numbers rise, it looks likely that schools may well not reopen judging by the government’s history on running this covid show.

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