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🔴BREAKING: Mother and father who murdered their own 10-month-old baby on Christmas Day 2020 get jailed for 29 and 27 years

Image source: Sky

A couple who murdered their 10-month-old son on Christmas Day 2020 just weeks after he was returned to their care have been jailed.

Shannon Marsden, 22, and Stephen Boden, 30, were found guilty of the murder of Finley Boden in Derbyshire in April, reports Sky.

During the sentencing hearing, Judge Tipples delivered the following minimum prison terms to Marsden and Boden: Marsden would serve a minimum of 27 years behind bars, while Boden would serve a minimum of 29 years.

Tragically, Finley, their infant son, passed away a few weeks after being returned to his parents’ care, having suffered extensive abuse that resulted in 150 injuries, including fractures, burn marks, contusions, and infections like sepsis and endocarditis.

Judge Tipples characterized the couple as “convincing and excellent liars” who subjected their son to “unimaginable cruelty,” reports Sky.

The couple murdered their son shortly after he was returned to them by court order, despite previously portraying him as “perfect” and affectionately referring to him as a “cuddly, burly midget.”

Following Finley’s return home in mid-November 2020, the parents engaged in a violent and brutal campaign of abuse.

After their child’s death, Boden was overheard discussing selling Finley’s pram on eBay, and the two were observed laughing together in a taxi.

During the trial, Boden insinuated that his harsh treatment might have caused Finley’s injuries, and he claimed that his comment about selling the pram was an attempt to uplift their spirits.

It was also revealed that while Marsden visited Finley’s body in a hospital chapel, he allegedly heard her say, “His dad’s battered him to death. I didn’t protect him,” reports Sky.

Additionally, drug use, specifically Class B drugs, was a significant issue in the days leading up to Finley’s death, as a social worker witnessed a drug deal during an unannounced visit in December 2020.

Finley’s clothes and bedding were found to be stained with saliva, blood, and feces, further indicating the horrific conditions in which he suffered.

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