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đź”´BREAKING: Motorists advised to be extremely careful as treacherous conditions following snow and ice

Motorists are advised to taken extreme care this morning as roads are extremely dangerous. Met Eireann have advised people to be extra careful, in particular on B roads. People are advised to share this information with their friends who’ll be out and about this morning.

Road users are being advised to take precautions as freezing weather continues in Ireland for the rest of the week, with a yellow snow and ice condition warning being issued for the whole of the country tomorrow, reports RTE.

The warning comes into effect from 3am and will be in place until 11pm, with rain, sleet and snow spreading northwards across Ireland, with easterly winds increasing.

Met Eireann said snow accumulation is expected in many areas as well as icy conditions causing dangerous driving conditions, poor visibility and potential travel disruptions, reports RTE.

A separate low temperature/yellow snow condition warning will also be in effect for Ireland from 9pm tomorrow until 10am Friday, with widespread snow patches expected.

A yellow snow-snow condition alert is in effect for Leinster, Cavan and Monaghan from 11am tomorrow until 7am Friday, with hail and snow clearing eastwards and further snow accumulations expected.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Met Éireann forecaster Gerry Murphy: “There will be severe frost with icy conditions and travel disruption possible. There will be falls of rain, sleet and snow in many parts of the country, especially through tomorrow and into early Friday,” Mr Murphy said.

The Met Office said the conditions it has attributed to the Arctic blast are expected to bring more snow and ice across the UK.

The forecast body’s chief meteorologist, Matthew Lehrt, said the weather could isolate rural communities in the north and affect travel through southern England and south Wales over the next few days.

Several dire national snow and ice warnings have been issued, with the Met Office saying further warnings or updates to current warnings are “very likely”, reports RTE.

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