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?BREAKING: Suspect officially named in Madeleine McCann case

Image source: Sky

A German national has been named as an official suspect in the Madeleine McCann case, but has denied reports that he has been charged with her disappearance.

According to LBC, the AFP news agency said a suspect in Germany had been charged, but Christian Brückner’s lawyer later denied the news.

Lawyers for German national Brückner have confirmed that Portuguese authorities had labelled him an “arguido”, or accused.

The news could be linked to the 15th anniversary of the girl’s disappearance, as Portugal has a 15-year limit on murder charges.

The decision to officially name Brueckner as a suspect should allow the investigation to continue.

Friedrich Fuelscher, Brückner’s lawyer, said: “The step taken by the Portuguese authorities should not be overrated.

“Without knowing the Portuguese legal situation in detail, I assume that this measure is a procedural artifice to stop the statute of limitations threatening in a few days.”

Last month it was reported that the Met Police investigation into Maddie’s disappearance was to be closed after 11 years.

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