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?BREAKING: Varadkar says another lockdown cannot be ruled out

Things are beginning to get serious again. The Tanaiste Leo Varadkar has said that because of vaccinations, close to 3,000 daily cases doesn’t mean the same thing that it did in winter 2020, but that further restrictions could have to be implemented.

According to RTE, “Nobody can rule it (another lockdown) out. As the CMO said the other day, It can’t be taken off the table, but we do believe that we can avoid it,” Mr Varadkar said.

“Deaths – though deaths are happening and every death is a tragedy – are a fraction of what they would have been previously because of the vaccines.”

“If we can keep it in that space (where it’s at and a little more), I don’t think it would be necessary to reimpose restrictions, but if it started to go well ahead of those numbers then we would get more worried,” he said.


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