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18 year old Conor Gallagher receives 9 A1’s in his Leaving Cert results


A student who recieved the highest results in this year’s Leaving Certificate exams, has said “nothing could have prepared him” for achieving nine higher level A1s.

18 year old Conor Gallagher from St Michael’s College on Ailesbury Road, Dublin 4 was among 13 students who received all A1s today, although Conor was the only one to sit nine subjects. Clearly delighted with the news the 18 year told reporters   “I was happy with how I did following the exams but nothing could have prepared me for this,”

Conor, also announced that he plans to study Business and Law at the University College Dublin, when asked about his family reaction to the news, Conor said: “they were  delighted with the news but also a bit  shocked”.

Conor Gallagher is one of three members of his family to sit the Leaving Cert following his two older brothers who were reported to have done  “very well” in the past. 18 year old Conor is understood to have studied English, Irish, Maths, Biology, Economics, History, Spanish, Business and French as part of his nine subjects.

Mr Gallagher’s principal Tim Kelleher also made a statement in which he congratulated Conor, principal Kelleher told news repoters that Conor “was a balanced student, and  a lovely fella”.“He always integrated really well with other students and had a great broad range of friends. He would have been very active in all facets of the school, both arts and music, but particularly the sport as well.”

Mr Kelleher also said that “although Conor’s achievements are exceptional”, “it’s important to applaud the students who may have faced certain adversities in their lives.” “They might have had bereavement and would have achieved their potential in quite difficult circumstances. Sometimes they’re the ones that you are most happy about.”

Mr Gallagher’s recent achievement has matched the feat achieved last year by another student Mark Berney of Gorey Community School who also got nine A1s.

It has also been revealed that twelve other students received eight higher level A1s. It is understood that a total of five of these students were from Dublin schools, and that the another three where from Cork schools. The others students are believed to have been from schools in Donegal, Sligo, Roscrea and Galway city.

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