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Calls for pause to proposed insane Dublin city centre traffic plans

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Ibec has requested that the Dublin City Council postpone the introduction of new traffic plans for the city core that are scheduled for August, reports RTE.

The employers association has stated that there are serious concerns about how the traffic control measures would impact access to the city centre and capital firms, and that a prompt review of the plans to halt traffic in Dublin city centre is required.

Three months from now, there will be a big shift in how people get about Dublin city centre.

Beginning in early August, new plans will be implemented with the goal of eliminating traffic through the city centre using a variety of strategies, such as installing bus gates on the quays, reports RTE.

According to Dublin City Council, the measures would lessen through traffic, which makes up over 60% of motor vehicle trips in the city centre, rather than preventing access to the city core.

Ibec, on the other hand, has demanded that the planned measures be urgently examined, particularly their potential effects on access to Dublin city centre and the companies located there, and has asked that the execution of these proposals be stopped.

Ibec’s head of infrastructure and environmental sustainability, Aidan Sweeney, stated that more thorough engagement is required and that details about the traffic plans’ interactions with the projected Metrolink project are also required.

He said: “The proposed traffic changes have been developed independently of other initiatives that are also aiming to developing a reimagined and sustainable city centre into the future,” reports RTE.

“We are calling on Dublin City Council to pause any implementation of the plan to provide for a comprehensive engagement with stakeholders within the city centre on how such proposals will work alongside recommendations from the new Taskforce for Dublin City Centre,” reports RTE.

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