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East Wall protestors say they’re “vindicated” after mob of migrant men brawl in the street in broad daylight

The people of East Wall have been rallying for months against the plantation of unvetted migrant males in their community. Their resistance to the governments plantation agenda has inspired hope and defiance across the country in the face of threats from the government and political establishments as whole as well as defamation and mockery by the establishment supporting media.

On Sunday April 2nd however, the fears expressed by the working class Dublin community were vindicated and made clear for all of the country to see as these migrant men rioted in a mass brawl in the streets of East Wall outside the old ESB building which the government has been using as a makeshift planation.

There were similar scenes in the once family friendly, seaside village of Courtown, Co. Wexford the previous weekend where migrant men brawled on the street with one man being stabbed.

Across the country there have been similar instances of violence at these plantations, including at the Citywest migrant hub, where there are tensions reaching boiling point.

While imminent concerns of public safety, availability of services and additional strains on an already critically low housing supply are driving protests in Ireland, the long term and even more fundamental demographic change being foisted upon the country poses an existential threat to the very idea of an Irish Nation.

This massive demographic change will ultimately lead to a fundamental change in the character and culture of Ireland forever and clearly this is the goal.

This is the destruction of “national homogeneity” as the late Peter Sutherland described it when calling on the EU to use mass migration to breakdown the national identities of its member states to make them more acquiescent to a supranational state.

This plan is however, not going to be implemented without at least a whimper from the indigenous people of this island as Irish men and women are refusing to sit idly by as the dissolution of their nationhood and theft of their children’s birth right takes place.

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