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Further migrant tents are pitched at Grand Canal as barricades erected

At the location on the Grand Canal bank, where almost 100 were removed this morning, about 40 tents are set up, reports RTE.

When the officials departed the scene in the early afternoon, about twenty tents remained. The twenty tents belonged to men who had received no offer of lodging for the evening.

It’s estimated that about twenty other tents have been set up nearby.

After around 100 tents were removed from the canal this morning, barricades have been erected along Dublin’s canal, reports RTE.

Dozens of tents were removed from the canal bank at Wilton Terrace as part of the multi-agency operation, which got underway at 7.30 am.

Most of the men sleeping there were asylum seekers, provided with tents by NGOs since there was a shortage of State housing.

This morning, they observed the removal of their tents, reports RTE.

The volunteers who have been assisting them have expressed their frustration, stating that many of them have not been given any direction.

The government stated in a statement that some beds had opened up for applicants for international protection in recent days. As a consequence, offers of lodging were sent by email this morning to 89 of the people who were waiting for a place to stay, reports RTE.

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